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Alien invasion begins!

STOP PRESS President of USA abducted by hostile aliens

NB This is not a children's book despite the title!

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The alien was questioned by an emergency sitting of the United Nations. He said "I am Saratin and I have just one talent. I can save people from the sea and bring them back from a watery grave." He was soon able to demonstrate his talent when a Phillipino ferry sank in a freak storm. My sister-in-law, Aunt Mary, thought he must have been sent by God!

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The Queen of the Critons (elephantine aliens) rules her sector of the galaxy with an iron fist but she has a softer side. Her private retreat is a garden planet, Spara 692, supervised by one of her favorites, a Criton scientist called Lodden. She loves her garden planet and refers to its guardian as "Gardener Lodden." However, After an unfortunate incident with a large carnivorous dinosaur she abandons both the planet and Lodden who puts himself into cryostasis for 70 million years. Weeds grow in the garden. Worst of all are polluting dangerous bipeds. Lodden eventually has to report this to The Queen and the consequences are terrible.

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